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Teeth whitening

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Teeth whitening

At home whitening kit

Teeth whitening
 A natural teeth whitening method that is enamel safe plus sensitivity free. Accelerate whitening to remove years of stains. This kit comes with tray whitening the blue light the whitening gel and a shade guide to help you track your journey to bright white teeth we recommend grabbing the toothpaste and mouthwashFor daily maintenance as you will use this at home kit once a week

Smile prep

Teeth whitening
This miracle paste will have your mouth feeling fresh and pearly white, as if you just came from the dentist chair. Multi action cleaners remove unsightly plaque and reduce tartar buildup all while illuminating stains and gently polishing your teeth for that dentist clean smooth mouth feel. This unique formula is completely enamel safe, containing perlite abrasive particles that start out course, then dissolve to fine grains as you brush your way to a brilliant smile, with immediate visible whitening results We recommend getting your teeth whitened at our studio once every six months for maximum results

Whitening mouthwash

Teeth whitening
Leave your mouth feeling fresh and white with a brightening mouthwash. infused with coconut and sea salt, this will help maintain your teeth whitening regimen
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